ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services can provide custom-made and constructed furniture, metalwork, and woodwork for your decoration needs.

Furniture, Metalwork, and Woodwork for your Home

If you need bespoke furniture, we at ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services got you covered. We can build personalized metalwork for your table bases, furniture bases, bench bases, bed frames, shelves, and room dividers. Just tell us what you want, and we will do our best to make it happen.


We do excellent custom metalwork for different types of furniture like tables, bed frames, bases, table bases, room dividers, bench bases, shelving, and much more. You name it, and we can probably build it.

Environment-Friendly Finishing

The low and commercial-grade chemical products used for the finishing make our products not only long-lasting but also environmentally friendly. The products are safe for humans and our planet.

Phases of Design and Fabrication

ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services will help you achieve the design you want and support you in every step.

1st Phase: Consultation & Quotes

You can get free consultations and estimates from us. From this phase, you will learn the process of how we custom design and fabricate our products. We will discuss what you want, your budget when you need it, and ideas. We are also open to interior and architectural designs, sticky notes, and Pinterest inspirations.

2nd Phase: Design Details and Development

Now that we have the overall picture of the product design, the next part is to get into more details of your project. Before production, we talk about the materials to use, design sketches, and approval. This phase is all about the essential details.

3rd Phase: Production and Finishing

This is where the magic happens. You have done your part, so we do our job here. We will also update you on the progress and address any questions you may have.

4th Phase: Shipping and Delivery

Once we are done building, we will discuss how to make the arrangements for sending the product to you. We can adjust to your transport option or do door-to-door delivery.