All our products are safe for people and the planet.

Furniture, Metalwork, and Woodwork

The main core of ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services is its people, the same people who want to make an impact on the community and the planet.

We use unique approaches at ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services. We concentrate on utilizing reconditioned and locally-sourced products and materials that help the Earth. For your home and commercial furniture needs, you won’t go wrong with ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services.

Nevertheless, we have another reason why you should opt for ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services and why every cent you pay is worth making a difference.

By choosing to order your home and commercial furniture from ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services, you choose to help local communities. We provide support to the community through training and employment opportunities, especially for those who need it the most. What more is there to ask for?

Products from ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services are handmade in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

We are Here for You in Spring 2020!

Whatever the season, you can count on ABCO Furniture Workshop & Services. Do you plan to build an office in your home? Do you want to feel more inspired by having new furniture? We can assist you with your needs. We offer online assistance and consultation through email, phone, and online meeting platforms such as Zoom.

You can get in touch with us in many ways. What are you waiting for? We cannot wait to hear from you.