Where's your KEEL? Balance is tricky but KEEL, the brand-new casegoods solution designed by Paul James, is all about balance. The key lies at the heart of the structure - what we call the keel: A simple, integral piece that offers extra strength and amazingly easy assembly. A variety of worksurfaces, storage units, and accessories connect to the keel, allowing each space—in an open plan or private office—to be tailored to the needs of different users and a range of workstyles. Wire management is also run through the keel for a simple, neat solution from one unit to the next. With KEEL you’re ready to sail - solo or as a crew!
Learn more about KEEL here.
Z Series
Community colleges are excited about the new Z Series tables. We’re excited about them, too. Paul James, who designed the Z Series, says it’s a great solution for people who want to create spaces with design integrity even if they’re working on a tight budget. “The table’s silhouette is its most distinctive design element,” he says. “The Z Series has a grand gesture, a forward stance with some energy, which is just the right level of action. It complements the space and increases the overall value for today’s design-conscious customers.” Learn more about Z Series here.
Smart Tables
Where can you find smart, cost-conscious solutions for higher ed classrooms and training rooms? ABCO Furniture’s Z Series and Smart Tables bridge the gap between budget and quality design. Learn about our Smart Tables here.