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snap panel

Great alone. But better together. Abco Snap provides a fast, flexible and affordable privacy solution with a fresh, clean look. Panels stand alone beautifully to define space in an open environment. Paired with modular products such as ABCO’s Unity Executive, they work even better, expanding design, application and price options. From individual workstations to semi-private offices to collaborative settings, Abco Snap offers a range of aesthetic and performance options to help you get the most from your space and budget. Factor in a sturdy, 1-3/8 inch aluminum frame that withstands years of daily use, and Abco Snap gives you an excellent return on investment as well as total cost of ownership.

  • With Abco Snap’s split-panel design and choice of panel infills, create workspaces that look great, accommodate every job function and keep your budget balanced.
  • Fabric, laminate, marker board, in frosted or clear crylic and open pass-through infills give you added variety without added cost.
  • Panel infills can be mixed and matched thanks to Abco Snap’s split-panel design.
  • Panels available in-line with connectors or as individual free-standing or on casters for easy mobility. 
  • Four base options support in-line with adjustable glides and freestanding and mobile arrangements.
  • Transaction counters and hang-on storage units further enhance its overall appeal and functionality.